Welcome to Werner Educational Services

Academic Success – Preschooler to Adult

I know that each student has personal goals and confronts unique challenges. I know that it is only through personalized attention with skilled instructors that students achieve their full academic potential. Our students excel because we are committed to their success.

Hello, I’m Gretchen Werner, the owner of Werner Educational Services. My office is located in the town of Windsor in Sonoma County, California. Since 1998, I’ve helped hundreds of families achieve and exceed their educational goals for their children by providing professional, individualized services that truly meet the learning needs of the students. Prior to 1998, I worked with students in both public and private educational settings. My goal, as always, is to provide the very best to my clients.

Whether your child excels at school, struggles with subject matter, or has learning or attention differences, one thing stays constant – your child needs a good education. Your child needs the grades to succeed in school so that he or she can succeed in life.

How many times have you known that your child could do better in school if he or she could just have someone who could teach the material in a way that your child could understand? How many times has your child struggled to complete homework in the evenings?

There’s a good reason why your child may not be achieving commensurate with his abilities. Schools are organizations designed to teach groups of students. It is not the school’s responsibility to meet your child’s specific learning needs. Rather, the school’s responsibility is to provide equal access to all learners. It is your responsibility and your child’s responsibility to ensure that he or she graduates with the best education possible. In other words, school attendance does not ensure a good education. To quote a very wise young woman, “We do not have a “dry cleaning” education system in which we drop off our children and pick them up educated.”