Early Math Knowledge Linked to Later Success in School

by admin2012 on April 10, 2013

Everything your child learns in the preschool years, during their first three to five years of life, may actually predict future success in school and in life.  Josh McFarland and Rob Krupicka discuss this topic in their article “Tomorrow’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Workforce Starts with Early Education” (ReadyNation.org).  Apparently, a growing body of research indicates that early exposure to math is linked to a child’s later academic abilities.  In fact, a child’s level of math knowledge in the preschool years actually predicts a child’s later success in elementary and high school.  So, what kind of an educational foundation are you building for your child?

Is your child attending a high-quality daycare or preschool program that includes instruction in math?  Do you regularly engage your child in play activities that incorporate real math concepts?   You just might want to ensure that you do.  According to these authors, “The math achievement gap starts early, even before kindergarten.”

And for parents of elementary age students – “Children with ‘persistent’ problems in math at ages 6, 8 and 10 were 13% less likely to graduate high school and 29% less likely to go to college.”  These problems do not just go away on their own, and children do not outgrow them.  It is up to you to take action.  If your child is struggling, get help immediately.  Do not wait.  Seek out quality programs for your preschool or school-aged child.  The gift of enriched academic experiences in math will payoff in your child’s future academic success.

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