Reading Help

by admin2012 on October 29, 2012

The number one concern facing many parents is that their children need help with reading.  Parents know that reading is critical to academic success.  The earlier your child develops reading readiness skills and masters basic reading skills the easier school will be for your child.

The longer you wait, if your child is struggling with reading, the longer it will take for your child to catch up with his peers  Your child needs help as soon as you or your child’s teacher recognize that there is a problem.  Just waiting for improvement is the wrong thing to do.  Your child needs reading intervention now.

Good reading intervention begins with some type of assessment, either formal or informal, to determine what your child already knows about reading and what skills he already uses.  If your child is young, this may start with an assessment to determine if he can identify letters and letter sounds then advance to testing his knowledge of phonics, sight word recognition and vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency.  Based on these findings, a program should be developed to move him forward from where he is now, building upon what he already knows.

To help your child progress as rapidly as possible, your child should see his reading tutor as frequently as the family budget allows.  Remember, while his peers continue to advance, your child falls farther behind.  Your child needs solid reading skills to learn in all subjects throughout his school day.  The sooner he develops these skills, the better he will do in school and the better he will feel about school.

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